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Show history: Killoeter Cate Show history for: Int, Am CH Killoeter Cate, JC, FCh
DOB: 3/21/2001
Breeder: Mrs. Nell Caine

1/5/02Mrs. PV Trotter St. Paul WB/BOS 1 pt.
1/6/02Dr. RD Smith St. Paul WB/BOS 1 pt.
4/13/02MJ Dougherty Apple Valley WB/BOB 1 pt.
4/14/02Dr. H Smith Apple Valley BOB made the cut / D Sandberg
5/12/02RJ Moore Cambridge WB/BOB 1 pt.
5/25/02CM Harris St. Peter WB/BW/BOB 3 pt. major
5/26/02WE Dean, Jr St. Peter WB/BOS 3 pt. major
6/22/02GL Doerge Iowa City WB/BW 4 pt. major
6/23/02HM Cresap Iowa City no placement
7/12/02JC Tacker Duluth WB/BOB 1 pt. to finish
7/13/02Dr. RJ Berndt Duluth WB/BOB 1 pt.
7/14/02Mrs. H (Toddie) Clark Duluth WB/BOB 1 pt.
7/24/02Ms. R DeVaux Lompoc, CA, SDCA Nationals 3rd Sweeps
7/25/02R. Lindholm Lompoc, CA, SDCA Nationals no placement
7/26/02Mrs. S. LaCroix-Hamil Lompoc, CA, SDCA Western Regional BISSweeps
7/26/02TL Kirstein Lompoc, CA, SDCA Western Regional 4th/Open
7/27/02T Thorn Lompoc no placement
7/28/02G Newton Lompoc 4th/Open
4/12/03? Apple Valley BOB 2 pt.
4/13/03? Apple Valley BOB
5/10/03? Elizabethtown, KY made first cut

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