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Miles running for ASFA pre-cert on July 22, 2000.

--photo by Shot on Site

Miles won BOB at the 24th Annual ASFA International Invitational
on June 2nd, 2001.

--photo by Kreyhound Photography

ASFA coursing records for: CH Tannochbrae's Columbia JC, FCh

ASFA coursing records for: CH Tannochbrae's Columbia JC, FCh

2000 #10 Deerhound

2001 #5 Deerhound

2002 #20 Deerhound

2001 Dates 2002 Dates 2003 Dates
2000 DatesTrial Location Placement Points
7/22/00Farmington, MN pre-cert
9/2/00Farmington, MN BOB 8
9/3/00Farmington, MN BOB 8
9/4/00Farmington, MN BOB 4
9/24/00Maple Plain, MN 2nd 9 Region 5 Invitational
10/7/00Indianola, IA BOB 8
10/8/00Indianola, IA BOB 8
5/9/01Vergennes, VT 2nd 30 SDCA National Specialty
5/19/01Farmington, MN BOB 4
6/2/01Indianola, IA BOB 16 24th Annual International Invitational
7/13/01Duluth, MN BOB 4
7/14/01Duluth, MN BOB, BIF 4 NEW FCh
9/1/01Farmington, MN BOB 4
9/2/01Farmington, MN FCh 1st 4
9/22/01Maple Plain, MN BOB 4
10/13/01Maple Plain, MN BOB 4
5/11/02Farmington, MN BOB 4
5/18/02Farmington, MN BOB 4
6/12/02Duluth, MN FCh 1st 4
6/13/02Duluth, MN FCh 1st 4
7/26/02Lompoc, CA FCh 4th 5 SDCA National Specialty
8/31/02Farmington, MN BOB 12
9/21/02Jordan, MN BOB 8
10/12/02Maple Plain, MN BOB 4
5/8/03Sonora, KY 6th 0 SDCA National Specialty
5/17/03Shakopee, MN BOB 4
7/11/03Duluth, MN FCh 1st 12
7/19/03Shakopee, MN FCh 2nd 6
7/20/03Shakopee, MN FCh 2nd 6
9/21/03Jordan, MN FCh 3rd 6
10/11/03Jordan, MN FCh 3rd 6
total 101

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